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We can help you make connections throught the Tampa Bay area and help you better your business
Plenty of Educational recourse: Guest speakers at monthly meetings, events, and workshops
Tap into the experience of others to better your hotel or concierge service to your guests.

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Nobody knows the Tampa Bay area more than the professional, dedicated Concierges of the Bay Area Concierge Association. We are a non-profit organization committed to providing not only the best possible service to our guests, but the best possible service to our community. The Tampa Bay area is a tourist driven economy, and we are proud of our significant impact as we refer thousands of guests per year to local restaurants, shopping venues, nightclubs, sporting events, theaters, country clubs and points of interest. Founded in 1996 our group has grown immensely with members representing all major area hotels and resorts in Tampa Bay.

Bay Area Concierge Association holds monthly meetings on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays at a variety of locations – restaurants, museums, hotels, and attractions. We also regularly get together for extra events that allow us to become more familiar with the greater Tampa Bay area.

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